FPT Iveco Inboard Engines: Pioneering Performance and Innovation

FPT Iveco leads the way in performance and innovation with its inboard engines. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the maritime sector, FPT engines provide high power and efficiency.

Key features of FPT Iveco inboard engines include:


  1. Common Rail Technology: Utilizing common rail technology for fuel injection enhances fuel efficiency and achieves low emission levels.
  2. Compact Design: The compact build of these engines optimizes space utilization on board and offers versatile installation options.
  3. Digital Integration: FPT engines feature digital integration, enabling real-time data analysis and performance optimization.
  4. Environmental Compliance: FPT engines incorporate eco-friendly technologies to ensure minimal environmental impact, aligning with sustainable maritime practices.
  5. Reliability: Thanks to their robust construction and dependable components, FPT engines offer longevity and require minimal maintenance

    FPT Iveco Inboard Diesel Engines
    Model Cylinder Fuel System Turbo Volume (L)
    S30 230 4L CR TCA 3
    N40 250 E 4L CR TCA 3,9
    N45 100 4L MEC NA 4,5
    N60 400 E 6L CR TCA 5,9
    N67 150 6L MEC NA 6,7
    N67 220 6L MEC TC 6,7
    N67 280 6L MEC TCA 6,7
    N67 450 E 6L CR TCA 6,7
    N67 550 6L CR TCA 6,7
    N67 570 EVO 6L CR TCA 6,7
    C90 380 6L CR TCA 8,7
    C90 620 E 6L CR TCA 8,7
    C90 650 E 6L CR TCA 8,7
    C13 330 6L CR TC 12,9
    C13 500 6L CR TCA 12,9
    C13 825 E 6L CR TCA 12,9