Selecting the perfect parasail for your business is not just a matter of choice, but a strategic decision that can significantly impact your operational costs and fuel efficiency. At Alesta Marine, we understand the importance of this decision and are committed to helping you make the right choice. We take into account your local wind conditions, customer demographics, and weight restrictions to recommend the most suitable parasails for your unique needs.

Our range of parasails spans from 28FT to 44FT. The size of the parasail you choose is largely dependent on your local wind conditions. For high wind speed areas, our smaller parasails are the ideal choice, while our larger parasails are designed to perform optimally in low wind speed areas. For locations with variable wind speeds, we recommend having a variety of parasails on hand to ensure safety and optimal performance. We offer both 16-panel and 20-panel parasails within the specified FT range.

The fabric of our parasails is crafted from 6.6 ripstop nylon yarns, silicon-coated on both sides to prevent air penetration. This silicon coating also protects the parasail fabric from corrosive chemical reactions that can occur when in contact with salty sea water. To ensure longevity and vibrancy, our fabrics are stained with UV doped pigment to resist fading under the sun.

We offer two different fabric qualities to cater to different budgets. Our standard series fabric has a thickness of 1.6 oz and boasts an average service life of 2500 flights or more. For those seeking a lighter option, our professional series fabric weighs in at 1.3 oz and can endure approximately 5000 flights or more, depending on usage.

Customization is at the heart of our service. Choose from a wide array of colours and even add a logo or design to your parasail. This is a fantastic opportunity to advertise your company or to offset costs by featuring a sponsor's logo. We guarantee a turnaround time of one week for your parasail orders, and we partner with fast and reliable couriers to ensure cost-effective delivery.

For more information about our parasails or to request pricing details, please don't hesitate to contact us. At Alesta Marine, we're here to help you soar.


Wind Speed (Min-Max)

Weight (Min-Max)


28 FT

19-32 Km/h

45-160 Kg



High Wind

30 FT

19-27 Km/h

50-182 Kg


High Wind

32 FT

16-24 Km/h

54-165 Kg


High-Middle Wind

34 FT

11-19 Km/h

62-215 Kg


Middle Wind

36 FT

11-17 Km/h

67-242 Kg


Middle Wind

38 FT

10-15 Km/h

72-249 Kg


Middle-Low Wind

40 FT

8-12 Km/h

75-280 Kg


Low Wind

42 FT

0-12 Km/h

80-295 Kg


Low Wind

44 FT

0-10 Km/h

80-305 Kg


Low Wind