Raptor Parasailing Boat

Introducing the Raptor Parasailing Boat - Redefining Excellence in the Parasailing Industry

Embark on a journey to discover the world's finest parasailing boat - the remarkable Raptor Parasailing Boat, where innovation, craftsmanship, and a powerful design converge to revolutionize the parasailing experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail over two years of design and extensive research, Alesta Marine takes immense pride in unveiling the extraordinary Raptor Parasailing Boat. Distinguished by its sleek lines, sporty demeanor, and dynamic aesthetics, this vessel stands in a league of its own, outshining its competitors.

At the heart of the Raptor's brilliance lies its uniquely engineered "Deep Off Shore" V-shaped hull, expertly tailored to navigate rough waters with unmatched ease and comfort even at high speeds. Unlike conventional parasailing boats, the Raptor flawlessly resolves the common "Bow Rise" issue, ensuring optimal visibility for the captain during planing, courtesy of the innovative "Triangular Plate" flap system seamlessly integrated into its hull design. By curbing excessive bow lift, the Raptor accelerates smoothly, elevating the parasailing experience to new heights.

Engineered with a double step hull design, the Raptor ingeniously channels airflow from the sides to the bottom, significantly reducing friction and enhancing fuel efficiency and overall speed. Your journey aboard the Raptor will be marked by unparalleled performance and agility, with motor power options ranging from 340 to 550 HP.

Elevating the guest experience to an unprecedented level, the Raptor Parasailing Boat boasts spacious seating areas at the front, prioritizing comfort and luxury. Optional features like a minibar/fridge, sun loungers, and a toilet further augment the ambiance, ensuring every moment is a celebration of opulence and relaxation.

Unmatched versatility defines the Raptor's essence, accommodating your unique preferences effortlessly. Its expansive rear area makes it ideal for hosting lively gatherings, while optional attachments seamlessly transform it into a remarkable diving boat. Additionally, the Raptor effortlessly serves as a daily tour boat or passenger transfer vessel, catering to your diverse requirements with remarkable adaptability.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and industry expertise, Alesta Marine stands unparalleled. As avid participants in commercial parasailing operations through our own water sports businesses, we intimately understand the needs of the industry. Drawing from the invaluable feedback of our seasoned customers with years of parasailing experience, coupled with the expertise of our highly skilled parasailing boat captains with over 10,000 flights, we have refined the Raptor to perfection.

More than just a parasailing boat manufacturer, we are your ultimate solution partner, offering turnkey solutions to aspiring investors entering the parasailing business. From bespoke boat and equipment procurement to certified professional parasailing training, we pave the way for your success.

Experience the wealth of knowledge and proficiency that Alesta Marine brings to the parasailing industry with our groundbreaking Raptor model. If you're ready to embark on this extraordinary and profitable investment, reach out to us today, and let the Raptor Parasailing Boat redefine your perception of luxury and success.

Technical specifications

  • Length 11,11 m
  • Width 3,30 m
  • Draft 0,57 m
  • Dry Weight 2,5 Tons
  • Engine Range 340 - 700 Hp
  • Fuel Tank 300 L
  • Capacity 15 + 1
  • Building Material GRP