Alesta Marine takes pride in introducing the innovative Tripleizer Bar, also referred to as a passenger bar, catering to those seeking an exceptional alternative to the traditional front-back seating position during parasailing adventures. Designed to enhance the experience, our Tripleizer Bar allows up to three individuals to soar through the skies together while comfortably seated side by side. 

One of the key features of our Tripleizer Bar is its flexibility in adjusting the center of gravity, thanks to the strategically placed multiple mounting points. This ensures a safe and stable flight, providing unparalleled peace of mind for both thrill-seekers and leisure flyers alike.

At Alesta Marine, we are committed to crafting products of the highest quality, and our Tripleizer Bar is no exception. Manufactured from a special aluminum alloy chassis, it boasts superior durability and strength, making it reliable even under the most demanding conditions. To add an extra layer of comfort, the chassis is thoughtfully covered with a soft foam material, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable flight experience for all users.

We take pride in announcing that the quality of Alesta Marine's parasailing products, including the Tripleizer Bar, has been officially certified. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards sets us apart as a trustworthy and reliable choice for all your parasailing needs.

For further information on how to elevate your parasailing experience with our Tripleizer Bar and other superior products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to assist and guide you towards an unforgettable adventure in the skies.